Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby it's coooooold outside

Buuuurrrr. It has been extremely cold for the past few days here in western PA. On Saturday at work, I had a bunch of cardboard fly out of the trash cart when I went to do a trash run at work. Sunday morning, I had to hold my car steady as I drove my friends to church down the highway. I also had the washer fluid freeze into snow when I washed my windows at the gas station. And this morning I had to wear a scarf and gloves and hat as well as my winter jacket to keep from freezing. Thankfully it did begin to get warmer today and the rest of the week should be warmer and in the 30s instead of below 10 F like it has been these few days.

I am pretty sure that the rumor of a tablet PC in my Thermal Systems class is no longer true. That's kinda disappointing, but I'm not gonna worry about it. My computer still works fine. I'll probably get a laptop soon after I graduate this summer.

Friday night I got to enjoy a visit from my friend Kristin Butterworth who is a graduate student at the University of Buffalo. I first went to swing dance night at the local church that the swing club rents each week. Then a bunch of us went to Richardson and we played telephone pictionary. After that we went to Eat N' Park for a midnight snack. It was a lot of fun, but when I had to wake up at 8:45 to go to work I regretted staying up so late.

Church was excellent on Sunday and Tes did an excellent job of teaching our Sunday school class on Fair Trade issues.hard to believe that by simply buying coffee that has the fair trade logo on it, we can help out villages of fair trade employees in distant countries. It's definitely an idea that I want to look into further, especially the topic of fair trade clothing.

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