Monday, February 18, 2008

8 Bells

This past Friday was the 8 Bells concert as part of the Mars Alliance Church's Valentine's Day dinner. We had a great time. We sang for about half an hour, which is the longest I have sung with the 8 Bells aside from the reunion concert last semester. The funniest part was when we asked for audience participation and chose Ben Buchmann and his fiance, Heather. We then proceeded to sing Sunshine to Heather while Ben sat in a chair at the other end of the stage. Ben is a senior Electrical Engineer at Geneva so I know him pretty well. I thanked him after the concert for being such a good sport while we serenaded his fiance. It was so funny. We got a lot of laughs for that. After the concert we went to the Chick Fil A I work at and sang to the three girls that were closing the store that night. For our performance one of my managers, Kris, gave us three free milkshakes which was really nice of her. We then came back to campus. We hope to use the money we received from the church to buy ourselves some t-shirts and we will also take orders for our fans to buy some if they wish. Should be pretty sweet. The design I came up with that the guys seem to like is the one below. That's the profiles of all eight of from L-R Brendon, Tyler, Brian W., Me, Brian F., Steve, Thom, and Jon.

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