Thursday, February 21, 2008

The night the house was full

Last night, a small Christian School in State College called Grace Prep, brought 55 students to Geneva to spend the night. This was a massive undertaking and took all of the Bed and Breakfast staff to house them all. I personally was in charge of two of these students. Three other guys from Patterson also had their own prospectives amounting to 12 prospectives for our house total. After we all had dinner, we took the kids to our house to drop off their stuff. We decided to then go to the fieldhouse to play Basketball. However, one of the kids, Tyler, was not interested in braving the cold again if he didn't have to. So, I stayed behind with him and just watched TV with him. He turned out to have a mental disability, and talked about some very interesting things (such as the Pokemon story he was currently writing, and how his amazing Summoner in Final Fantasy X was better than a Dark Mage). Later on the rest of the guys came back, and they proceeded to watch the TV as one guy played all the way through Super Mario Bros. 3. This didn't end til about 1:30 and the kids finally went to sleep after that. This morning we took them down to Alex's for breakfast and they had other things planned with the school for the rest of the morning. Apparently they were going to the Symphony after that.

It seemed kind of strange that this overnight took place. First of all, none of the kids had applied to Geneva, and most of the seniors were already accepted to Penn State. Secondly, the school they came from has only about 55 kids in it. So, basically this whole trip was for the whole school. third of all, they had gone to the Carnegie Science Center before coming to Geneva, and were headed to the Symphony tonight. This all sums up to what looks like a field trip for a whole school where the housing was paid for by Geneva's admission dept. Now, I am not gonna complain because I did get paid $40 just to have a bunch of kids sleep in the lounge and for me to basically babysit one for a couple hours, but what the school did seems very much like usury. They came to Geneva under the guise of having kids who were interested in the school and wanting to learn more about it. What it turned out to be was a school of kids going on a field trip and wanting to save money on hotel rooms by staying at a small Christian college that already has its own problems with housing. I and some of the other guys from my house believe that our admissions dept should have been a little more hesitant in allowing this trip to occur as it did.

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