Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mystery Bus Trip

Last Friday, I and about 95 other Geneva students went on the Mystery Bus Trip. Each year this event is highly sought after. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I slept overnight at the student center to get a ticket. And the tickets were sold out 7 minutes after the doors opened. So, Friday, at 4:30, we boarded two buses. Dave Abt (my roomie), Lauren Shaw (his gf), and Dave Lusk (just some random Dave we know) got on board together in the back of the second bus. I brought along ALF just for kicks, and he turned out to be a good pillow later on. During the first leg of our trip we were given Mad Libs to do. Ours were pretty funny, but I don't think they'd be appropriate to repeat.

So, our first destination, since we had not eaten dinner yet, was a Slovenian restaurant in Cleveland, OH. We had a load of good food, including three different meat dishes, potatoes, soup, bread, and dessert. It was a lot of food and filled us up very well. Unfortunately, the water pitchers never seemed to be filled often enough and we were often thirsty during the meal. But, we still had a great time. Lauren even snuck some of the breaded veal (Weinerschnitzel) out to the bus because she liked it so much.

After dinner, we boarded the buses again and drove to our second destination. Now, remember we don't know where we're going because it's a mystery. We arrived at a small plaza in the southern part of Cleveland and entered a place called All Fired Up. At this small shop, we were given a choice of pottery that we could then paint and leave behind to be baked in the kiln. The choices for pottery was either a huge bowl, a large mug, or a square plate. Dave (my roomie) and I chose to paint bowls, and Lauren chose a mug. They looked pretty sweet when we were done painting. Unfortunately we were only allowed an hour there, so I felt like my artistic skills were impeded by the short amount of time. While we were painting, we had cups of water used to clean brushes and sponges, but nothing to drink. I felt quite thirsty when we left the shop. We turned our pottery in to be baked, and I assume Student Activities Staff will be picking them up and distributing them soon.

Finally, on this mysterious trip, we went to a small ski resort outside of Cleveland and were taken to the tubing slopes. We spent the next two hours tubing. The slopes were fairly shallow, so it wasn't too exciting, but we did have a good time. While we were exerting all this energy going up and down the slopes, we started to get thirsty. Due to the lack of water at dinner, and at the pottery place, I and my friends were getting really thirsty. They had a small pavilion outside the slopes with a tiny snack bar and a vending machine. I was so thirsty by this time that I spent $2 to buy a Sprite from the machine. It was about the best drink of my life because I was so parched. We left the slopes and moved over to the ski lodge where we finished our trip with pizza and thankfully free drinks of water.

We boarded the buses and left for school. They showed National treasure during the trip, but because we so tired (it was 2 o'clock at this point) not many of us actually watched the movie. We arrived back at school around 4:15 and all went to bed.

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