Monday, January 14, 2008

Final Semester Time

I am now back at Geneva College for one final Semester. Two things I plan on accomplishing. 1. Work out a lot more especially in playing racquetball. 2. Blog more often so that not only can others know what's going on, but also I can look back later at what went on during my last semester of college

I drove back from my friend Karie's place tonight. Soon after I started driving, I entered a snow shower. For most of the drive I was driving through either moderate or heavy snow. I followed one tractor trailer the whole time I was on 80. At times he seemed to decide to just speed up for a couple minutes and I would grip the wheel and speed up with him so I didn't lose the protection his large vehicle offered me. Thankfully in Beaver County it was only lightly raining, so the last leg of the trip was easier.

When I did get back and after Jon had gotten his stuff, Kelly and I went to Wal-Mart so I could get a couple notebooks for class tomorrow. When I parked though I had an insane amount of steam pouring out of my hood. I opened it up and found I had a small leak in a hose connected to the engine. Also my temp gage showed it had overheated and then I noticed that I was completely out of coolant. When this happened, I have no clue, but I filled up the coolant tank and took some duct tape to the hose and it drove home without going above the halfway point on the temp gage. I'll have to get the hose replaced, but hopefully I don't have a major leak in the cooling system. I know what a pain that was to deal with on the Cavalier this past summer.

Well, classes start tomorrow. I hope they are interesting. I should get my laptop too!! I am looking forward to that very much.

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Peter said...

What is a laptop tool?