Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2nd day

Yesterday I had a good first day of classes. I had Design of Thermal Systems at 8 AM. We went over what the course would cover and how it would be a combination of Thermodynamics and Transport Processes, two classes I took in my junior year. My second class was Digital Systems, and that class also went well. We discussed binary numbers and how to convert from decimal to binary. I had gone over that in high school at one point but had since forgotten.

After those two classes, I had free time (sounds like I'm talking about summer camp) til Genevans practice at 4. Practice went well, and it was good to see everyone again. I had dinner with some Patterson guys. After playing some Burnout, Jon and I went to the gym to go play racquetball, but unfortunately both courts were being used by some non-Geneva groups. So, I went to Chick Fil A with Dave and Bill. I got my W-2 form and picked up Kayla's so I could mail it to her dad (which I did this morning). After getting back, Jon and I again attacked the racquetball courts. We had a good time and played for about 40 minutes. After that I got to hang out with Dave and Bill and we watched some Arrested Development, then I went to sleep :-)

Today I heard rumors about the resignation of Professor Egan after this semester. To all Mechanical Engineers at Geneva College this is good news. Ever since he arrived here during my Sophomore year he has not been received well because he is terrible at teaching. He's tried to change the format of his grading each semester, but since he can't teach that doesn't make a big difference. So, I will have to see if there is truth to these rumors. If there is I will be happy for all the underclassmen who don't have to take anymore classes from him.

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