Saturday, October 27, 2007


Well, tonight was exciting. I played my sax at the football game as usual. Tonight was cold and had some on and off drizzling. The band was not able to perform a half time show because we have had bad weather for our practices and some of our field equipment was vandalized and stolen. This includes tape measures, ladders, spray paint and such. So, instead of marching on the field, we just went out into concert formation and played six songs in place.

During the game, our Superfans were nowhere to be seen. No one knew where they were and they never showed up. So Thom, Dustin and I decided to take their place. Thom got a Sharpie and wrote a G on his chest, an O on my chest, and a ! on Dustin's chest. Then we stood behind the percussion and started some cheers. This was around the end of the first quarter. We had fun, but it was a bit chilly. When the Tornadoes scored their next touchdown, making the score 29-0, we along with some other band members, and Turbo, our mascot, did 29 push-ups in front of the crowd. The coolest part was that a reporter for the Beaver County Times came up to us and asked for our names and what we played. So, tomorrow, in the paper, I expect to see a picture of us three with our names and information underneath. That will be pretty cool.

Oh by the way, we won 56-27.

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