Friday, September 28, 2007

I am too busy for my own good

Ok. It is Friday night and I finally have enough time to sit down and update this. Yesterday was the busiest day of the semester thus far. I had to go to an internship meeting, Poli Sci class, and then for the next like 6 hours I worked on homework for my night class. I went to band but only passed out sweatshirts before I went back to homework. I finished all but one of the seven problems, then found out in class that the one I didn't get to was one of the two that would be graded. I did check my grade on the quiz and homework last night and I did do well so that is nothing to worry about. After class, I stuck myself in my room and just did everything. I had five Fluids problems, 1 P Chem test redo, 1 p Chem homework problem, and 4 pages of a Poli Sci paper to write. I stayed up til 4 am getting all of that done. I left just a bit of the paper to finish in the morning.

So after three and a half hours of sleep I woke up and went to my 8 am P Chem class. After that I booked it to the comp lab and quickly typed up the rest of my paper. Even with single spacing I had to decrease the margins to .8" to get it into 4 pages. I rushed to Fern Cliffe and slipped my completed paper under Dr. Neikirk's door just in time. Then I had to go to Fluids lab, which was a bore.

After lab, lunch, a nap, and a shower, I went to my Engineering class. Apparently we all did so horrible on the test that we have extra credit worth 9% of our final grade. this extra credit is 60 problems and three quizzes associated with those problems. It's all ridiculous.

We had band practice, and I went tonight to practice with the 8 Bells reunion group. I was the only current bell to join, but we will all be practicing tomorrow afternoon for our concert tomorrow night. Please come if you are able. John White Chapel at 7:30 pm.

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