Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tales of Egan and Smith

So, I just got out of another painful Egan test. I don't understand what he wants from us. About 60% of the test comprised of what he called "focus problems." These were problems almost identical to ones that we had done for homework. When we did them for homework he refused to grade them saying that it would be the same as giving away the answers for the test. Not only did he do this, but he made each focus problem credit/no credit. So there was no chance of partial credit. AND HE MADE US ANSWER THEM USING BUBBLE SHEETS. So we had these answers that we had to convert into scientific notation and then fill into a bubble sheet. This was beyond over kill.

Today in chapel, Dr. Dean Smith talked about praying to God as our Father. He first dispelled some myths about what type of figure God is. The one that hit me the hardest is how God is not a vending machine. We aren't supposed to ask Him for things and expect to have all our pleasures fulfilled. Dr. Smith mentioned how we shouldn't pray that our life would be easy. I thought to myself, all too often I want to serve God so that things will go better for me. I want to please Him so that when I am a manager of a design team, or I am a husband and father, or all three, I am better able to fill those roles and enjoy the fruit from them. But that way of thinking is completely backwards. I need to want to serve God because I bring glory to Him when I do. Only after I have that mindset will God bless me in other areas of life.

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