Saturday, September 29, 2007

Goodbye My Coney Island Babe

Oh today was a blast!! And for homecoming, it was the most gorgeous for weather that I have been to. Finally, my senior year we have a sunny and bright homecoming.

Today I had lunch with some former members of 8 Bells. We were all given baseball hats
with Geneva College written on the front, and Eight Bells written on the back. That was pretty sweet! At the football game we sang the national anthem. That's me in the yellow on the right. I was of course wearing my band uniform.

After the game, we had the ridiculously fun concert in Old Main. It was so much fun, and there was a lot of laughing. The best was when the older 8 Bells sang their version of Take Me Out to the Ball Game. It was amazing! That's me laughing so hard while they are singing Ball Game. Directly behind me is Dr. Calvin Troup. He's a funny guy and one of my favorite 8 Bell alumnus.

Oh by the way. There was a Chick Fil A cow costume at the game and it shot little stuffed cows into the audience and I caught one. Go figure. An employee of Chick Fil A caught it.

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