Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Mexico

Hey friends,

This is Debbie again, updating you on the life of David Bacon.

For those of you who are not "in the know," David is currently on a business trip in New Mexico for two to five months. His team is helping to build the National Enrichment Facility down there. I keep telling him to work fast so he can come back soon.

I just moved from my parent's home in New York to an apartment in Pittsburgh, five minutes from the apartment David is renting. Though David was not able to help me move in yesterday, he did help me move a lot of my stuff last week, and my parents came with me to help this week.

Let me share with you what I know about David's journey thus far.

Yesterday David left Pittsburgh. His adventures began as he traveled safely to Eunice, New Mexico. He arrived in his hotel exhausted and ready to get a good night's sleep.

Today he got a tour of the job site and started working. He said the workers at the site keep confusing his team for interns. They keep having to tell people they work for PKMJ and are not interns. I am hoping to talk to David more tonight, but he isn't back from dinner yet.

Please thank God that David made it to New Mexico safely. Pray for God to bless his work and attitude as he spends lots of time with his co-workers. Hopefully he can be a witness and encouragement to those he works with. Also, pray that he finds a solid and supportive church to attend while he is there. We couldn't find any reformed churches within an hour and a half of his location when we searched the internet. I am praying for David to come back sooner rather than later, but God is in control and His plans are way better than my plans.

Thanks for your prayers! I will keep this updated and perhaps get David to do the same.


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